MLOPS Part II – Mesos And Mongodb

MLOPS part II – Mesos and Mongodb

In part I we set up a small virtual cluster using Vagrant and VirtualBox. It is now time to make it a coherent architecture with mesos, zookeeper, marathon and, optionally, docker. As an exercice to demonstrate the cluster management features, we’ll use mesos and marathon…

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Hacking Into VowpalWabbit

Hacking into VowpalWabbit

There are many articles and tutorials describing how to use VowpalWabbit as a command line tool and for most use cases the algorithms implemented by default are just what you need. In this post however I’d like to share my experience…

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Proximal Gradient Methods

Proximal gradient methods

I’ve been playing a bit with stochastic gradient descent algorithms recently (inspired by Stéphane Gaïffas course)  and finally took the time to read about proximal methods. (Check this IPython notebook   if you’ want to skip the maths details – still a draft at the moment…

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