AI software for language processing.

We design, implement and deploy custom machine learning and natural language processing solutions.

Our expertise

We design, implement and deploy data driven products and solutions.

Software development

Develop custom AI solutions using machine learning and natural language processing like sentiment analysis, topic modelling, named entity recognition and more.

Scalable infrastructure

We build service engineered for scalability leveraging tools like Spark, Cassandra, Mesos and Kubernetes.


We love all languages and have experience building language processing solutions in English, Spanish, Japanese and French.

Process coaching

Data science is not just about models and code. We also help you define machine learning tasks aligned with your business objectives and implement data science processes inside your teams.

Data management

Data acquisition, complex transformations, defining ML & NLP tasks or training and running models, we have experience with every step of the process.


Complex projects can only succeed if there is excellent communication. We strive to communicate frequently and clearly. We also provide tested and documented code that is reusable by other teams.

Our values

We like to work on ambitious projects at the intersection of research and engineering to help our customers build data driven products and insights. We do believe that:

Define problem and metrics first
Simpler is better
Infrastructure and processes are key to success
Code quality and documentation is a priority
Machine learning is not magic
Iterate until everyone is satisfied
We love learning new things

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